TURF + KItchen

Our KITCHEN is located in castleton. 8155 Castleway Court West. Just off of 82nd street, behind Arby's.  

we serve a daily lunch from the kitchen, for carryout or a bite at our counter. experience our food even if you are not catering an event.  Please Check facebook or twitter daily to see if we are closed for a private event * we post by 11 am *

turf + kitchen lunch experience

expect a core menu, which may change from day to day, as we focus on fresh and local ingredients.  check social media for daily specials, or changes to menu.

everything is made from scratch

MEATS- Smoked, Cured, and Ground in-house, sourced from local farms

BREADS- Made daily with the best quality ingredients

PRODUCE- Locally sourced from sustainable farms